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Strida commercial, Areaware USA
In 1985 UK designer Mark Sanders presented Strida 1
as the solution to traffic congestion. This collapsible
bike meets all the necessary requirements: user
convenience, fast folding and unfolding, minimum
weight, Kevlar belt drive and easy transport of the
folded bike through the use of the wheels. Its unique
design and quality resulted in excellent sales and
brand name awareness from 1994.

Consecutively, between 1998 and 2003 Strida 1 is
redesigned and updated into Strida 2 / 3 / 3.1 and
3.2.The folding bike is getting more comfort, an
aluminum frame and collapsible handlebars. Individual
styling and flexible design are added to its
characteristic construction and to its accessories.
Strida commercial, Areaware USA
Aimed primarily at commuters and city dwellers whose storage space might be limited, the Strida is
designed to be simple to use, quick to fold, and easy to maintain.

Folding in just 6 seconds and weighing in at 9kg's, the Strida is one of the lightest, fastest-folding
bicycles on the market. The Strida is also impeccably clean. With rust-proof components and a kevlar
belt driving the bike in place of a chain, you don't have to worry about dirty grease, lubrication, or
adjustments. In addition, the kevlar belt never needs to be adjusted or cleaned the way a chain would,
so you can ride with a clear mind. Strida bicycles are known for their hand-built quality. Given that
they are single-speed, there is even less maintenance to worry about.

'A'-Shaped Collapsible Frame
Constructed exclusively from 7000 series powder-coated aluminium, the frame is rustproof,
lightweight, rugged, and protected by a lifetime warranty.

The Strida's upright posture provides great road visibility. The seat adjusts up and down to
accommodate riders from heights of 5'4" through to 6'4".

Disc Brakes
Advanced dual mechanical disc brakes are safe, durable, and provide superior braking in both dry
and wet weather.

Portable Folding Bicycle
A folded Strida can be wheeled on and off trains and buses easily, and can provide greater mobility
between other forms of transport. A distinctive characteristic is that the Strida folds into a "wheeled
walking-stick" that can be pushed along, much like a folded pram/baby-buggy whose folding concept
provided the inspiration for the design.

Clean Commuting
The Strida uses an ultra strong and silent kevlar belt, the greaseless kevlar belt replaces a traditional
chain to avoid mess so you don't have to worry about it coming into contact with clothing or other

Award Winning Design
2007 TBEA Award (second runner up in Complete Bicycles Awards Category)
2006 Fiestrai Award of INNOVATIE
2002 SMART Award for Innovation
2000 i.d. Magazine Annual Design Award
2000 Millenum Product Award
1999 Design Museum, London
1992 Grand Prix Prize, Japan
1988 Cyclex Design Award Best New Product

Single Speed
Strida is designed to need only a single speed. The gearing is 56 gear inches, roughly equivalent to
4th gear on a ten speed bike allowing cruising speeds of 30km/hr.

Easy Storage
The strida folds easily, quickly and fits in small places. Folded size is 45" x 20" x 11"

Me and My Strida, video from a user
Strida 5.0 commercial by Ming Cycle
Pre Strida - RCA bike
This shows the very 1st Strida prototype, being described by Mark Sanders at the
Royal College of Art / Imperial College Masters Design Course 'Industrial design
Ming Cycles' latest video of Strida mainly strida5. It also shows close up details of how
to fold and unfold, including fast fold / unfold (see how to do it in 2 seconds).
Strida 1 in the news
This shows Strida 1 production and in use c 1988. Interview with Entrepreneur James
Marshall. Riding and folding shots.
Strida3 - Design & development of a Folding bike
Describes the design process and philosphy of the Strida3 , a radical triangular folding
bike, that folds up into a long thin stick that can be wheeled along - like a rolling
umbrella. For more info see www.strida.com
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